Claims Management

Creating safe work environments and effectively managing workers’ compensation claims boosts both productivity and your bottom line. If a claim isn’t managed effectively the consequences can be expensive and lasting.

We manage every claim, from beginning to end, for you.

Here are some of the ways our claims management services are different:

We respond quickly to claims, within 24 hours of claim notification, to minimize costs and expedite claims management intervention

We evaluate all claims, looking for patterns and cost containment strategies that you might not be aware of


We receive and prioritize all L&I correspondence, drive claims forward, and advise on status and action items

Our claims management team is backed by our legal and HR advisor team.

The sooner a claim is managed following an injury, the better the outcome will be for both the employer and the injured employee. If left unmanaged, even small claims can unnecessarily escalate into large losses.
workers in a warehouse at a desk
At Archbright, we emphasize accident prevention, light duty return-to-work, with Stay-at-Work reimbursement from L&I.

For organizations that do not qualify for a Group Retrospective Rating Program, we offer these claims management services:

Targeted, Expert Claim Resolution
Medical Management Oversight
Return to Work Strategies
24 Hour Claim Reporting Mailbox
Discovery/Elimination of Benefit Over-payments
Board of Industrial Appeals Management and Representation
"In any claim there are numerous steps that have to happen and it was only through your hard work that we were able to get this through the state system as quickly as we have. Had you not worked as hard and as quickly as you did, this claim could very well have ended up in a long drawn out expensive process."
Human Resources Manager
Manufacturing Company