Workers’ Comp Claims, Loss Control, and Safety Services

Prioritizing the safety of your employees to the top will positively impact performance and engagement, plus save your organization thousands of dollars in workers’ compensation insurance costs. Our experienced Safety Team works closely with members to anticipate and alleviate future safety concerns.

To further manage costs, our Claims Management Team will work with you and Labor and Industries to reduce time loss and close the claim as soon as possible. Our Loss Control Team helps members understand the impact of claims management decisions and provides a strategy for reducing yearly costs and maximizing refunds.

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Group retrospective rating programs offer refunds of L&I premiums for workers’ compensation insurance as a reward for creating safe work environments. Archbright sponsors plans for manufacturing, wholesale, professional services, and retail companies.

Lower your workers’ compensation premiums through proven and effective claims management and safety practices. As a reward for reducing claim costs, each year the best performing participants receive a partial or full refund of their service fee.

Through planning and training, our safety team helps members avoid employee injuries, prevent dangerous workplace activities, and equip teams with the knowledge and tools to keep your workplace accident-free.

Services designed to help prevent the workplace spread of COVID-19 and ensure employers are in compliance with COVID-19 safety requirements and recommendations.

Workplace Safety, Claims Management, and Loss Control are critical to protecting your employees and your bottom line.

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