How to Apply for Membership

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We are excited that you are joining Archbright!

Below are some instructions that you may find helpful, if you would like to skip those, simply click here.

Step One: Account Setup

To get started, you’ll need to have an existing account.

If you don’t already have one, complete this step on the Account Setup page.

We’ll ask for contact information for you and your organization.

The link above will open up in a new tab. Be sure to keep this one open so you can save your spot in the application process.


Step Two: Membership Application

Once you’ve logged in to your account and confirmed it’s active, you’re all set to complete the Membership Application.

To save you some time, you’ll need a few key pieces of information about your organization and team.

Organization Info

L&I Account Number (ID) & UBI Number

If you aren’t sure what your L&I or UBI number are, it’s ok, you can look them both up with a single search on the L&I website here:

Washington State Department of Labor & Industries

WA/ ID/ OR Employee Headcount

The total number of employees in your organization that are employed in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Office Address

The address where your organization is located. You will also need to provide your billing address that matches your payment information later.

Team Info

These are key contacts in your organization that you’ll designate to receive specific membership information.

This includes:

Main Contact

A Main Contact person is extremely important for your membership. This person will receive all communications about membership benefits and membership renewal.
(Hint: it might be you!)

CEO/ President

This can also be the General Manager or Owner. They will periodically receive updates from Archbright, including our monthly newsletter, e-alerts on changing laws, and information about applicable services and events.

HR Contact

The HR Contact is the person who will be given access to our HR Hotline. If your organization has more than one HR Contact, don’t worry, you can assign multiple people to this contact type when you complete the application.

All HR Contacts receive our monthly newsletter, e-alerts on changing laws, and information about applicable services and events.

For Silver and Gold members, the HR Contact will also be able to access our legal team and our Online HR Toolkit.

Billing Contact

Please provide contact information for your organization’s Accounts Payable.

Survey Contact

The Survey Contact will receive requests to participate in our annual wage and benefits surveys, and be notified when surveys are published throughout the year.

We must have one person identified for each of the contact types listed above to ensure your organization has access to all of your membership benefits. You’ll be able to add more than one person for each of the roles, except for the Main Contact.

Terms & Payment

Within the Membership Application is a link to our Terms & Conditions for your acceptance. You can access this link at any time to review and/or print, or you can reach out to to receive a PDF copy.

Your credit card information is needed for your dues payment.

Once you have completed the process, our Member Services Team will reach out with next steps. If you have any questions, please contact us at or your Account Executive. 

All of us at Archbright look forward to supporting you and your team.

Welcome to membership!