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Workplace Harassment Awareness For Managers and Supervisors On-Demand

Course Description

Having an anti-harassment policy or sexual harassment policy is not enough. The company is at risk if managers and employees are not trained to be sensitive to comments, gestures, behaviors, or mannerisms that may be construed as harassment or creating a hostile work environment. Additionally, regular training in unlawful harassment prevention is one component that allows employers to use the powerful affirmative defense against claims of harassment and discrimination in the workplace. The aim of Workplace Harassment Awareness is to encourage mutual understanding, sensitivity, and respect among employees, while limiting the potential for expensive charges of discrimination or harassment. 

In addition to the content covered in the Workplace Harassment Awareness course, Workplace Harassment Awareness for Managers and Supervisors is specifically designed for those in leadership roles. It offers clear guidance on how to recognize and prevent harassment, and explains a supervisor’s responsibilities in responding promptly and appropriately.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize discrimination and harassment
  • Understand the impact of the #metoo movement from current EEOC statistics and case studies
  • Know what to do f they are a target or witness to harassment
  • Act within the boundaries of respectful workplace behaviors
  • Know what to do when they receive a complaint of harassment
  • List possible course of action if workplace harassment is suspected 
  • List examples of supervisory behaviors that promote a safe and harmonious workplace environment 
  • Explain the primary role of a supervisor during a harassment investigation 

This program is designed for:

Supervisors, Managers, and HR Professionals


90 minutes

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HRCI Credits:

Not eligible