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Leadworker Effectiveness

Course Description

Leads play a crucial role in many organizations—overseeing the daily work of the front-line employees, making sure the productivity goals are met within quality and safety standards. This can be difficult without the organizational authority that a supervisor has, so Leads must develop the power of influence to have an impact.

In Leadworker Effectiveness, Leads will learn skills they will use daily—managing their changing relationships with co-workers, establishing open communication, clearly setting expectations and giving feedback to improve performance.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Manage relationships with non-Leads for increased teamwork and productivity
  • Use active listening techniques to increase information sharing across the team
  • Effectively set performance expectations with employees
  • Acknowledge high performers with a three-step feedback model
  • Improve substandard performance using a five-step feedback model

This program is designed for:

Supervisors and Managers




7 hours (1 day)

Type of Delivery:

Virtual Classroom

HRCI Credits:

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This program has been pre-approved by the HR Certification Institute.

List Price:

Western Washington and Oregon: $510.00

Eastern Washington: $270.00