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Discipline and Documentation

Course Description

Over the past five years, 6 out of 10 employers have faced an employee lawsuit, with the majority for wrongful termination. Employers’ chances of winning these suits is a mere 33%, and the average award to an employee is $250,000.

A system of progressive discipline and proper documentation offers protection to the company while creating fairness for the employee. When feedback and coaching have not corrected performance problems, properly documented
disciplinary action delivers a stronger message that
performance problems must be remedied. Many employees
will then change attitudes and behaviors. For those who
don’t, companies may then progress in the disciplinary
process without worry.

Note: Discipline and Documentation is offered as a stand-alone class and is also one module in our 3-day Supervisory Skills course.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop a simple yet effective system of recording observations in an ongoing fact file.
  • Promote employee fairness and company protection with a 4-step disciplinary action process.
  • Determine the appropriate disciplinary action.
  • Document disciplinary action thoroughly and accurately.
  • Deliver disciplinary action to support improved performance.

This program is designed for:

Supervisors, Managers, and HR Professionals




3.5 hours

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This program has been submitted to HR Certification Institute for review.

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