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Building and Sustaining Trust

Course Description

What does trust have to do with business success? Everything. Trust is directly linked to employee engagement, retention, productivity, and innovation. Leaders who demonstrate trust and trustworthiness inspire higher levels of performance and commitment to team and organizational success.

This course introduces Trust Builders, actions leaders can take to build and sustain trusting relationships, as well as common Trust Breakers that can erode or quickly break trust. Applying these skills to build trusting relationships enables people to take risks, identify and solve problems, and collaborate to achieve business results. 

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize how trust in the workplace affects business results. 
  • Analyze their role in building and sustaining trust.
  • Identify common workplace behaviors that can build, sustain, or break trust.
  • Demonstrate behaviors that show they trust others as well as give people the confidence to trust them.
  • Use interaction skills to foster open communication, build and maintain trusting relationships, and repair damaged ones.

This program is designed for:

Supervisors and Managers


4 hours

Type of Delivery:

Virtual Classroom

HRCI Credits:

HRCI Approved Provider

This program has been pre-approved by the HR Certification Institute.

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