Kellis Borek

Kellis Borek is the Vice President of Labor & Employment Services and General Counsel for Archbright. She oversees the legal work of Archbright’s team of attorneys who provide advice and counsel regarding all aspects of employment and labor law to employers in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Kellis serves on the Leadership Team at Archbright supporting corporate strategy and compliance. Kellis is an expert in labor and collective bargaining and has a history of providing labor and employment advice to Archbright members. When the opportunity arises, Kellis still provides legal support to Archbright members. Kellis is a thought leader for Archbright; she speaks at events and leads a team that creates all educational and compliance content for Archbright. Kellis has practiced employment and labor law for over 25 years. She is licensed to practice in Washington and Idaho. Kellis earned her B.A. from Washington State University and her J.D. from Seattle University. When not working, she spends time with family, friends, cooking, and traveling.

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Workplace Harassment and Investigations in the Virtual Environment

This article was updated on 4/13/21 from its first publication date of 7/29/20. Removing employees from the physical workplace does not remove harassment from the workplace. Employers can be liable for harassing conduct even if it occurs outside the physical workplace. It can appear digitally in social media posts or… 

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Civil Unrest Preparedness for Employers

Earlier this year, communities experienced civil unrest in response to social justice issues, and some employers in those communities found it necessary to address subsequent workplace disruption. U.S. employers now face a unique workplace challenge of an upcoming presidential election, and the potential for civil unrest and employment disputes over…