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Introducing 15Five

Archbright recently partnered with 15Five, a people and performance management platform. 15Five takes a holistic approach by combining evidence-based software, services, education, and day-to-day practices to create highly-engaged, high-performing organizations. Through strategic weekly check-ins, 15Five delivers everything a manager needs to maintain visibility and impact performance, including continuous feedback, objectives tracking, recognition, 1-on-1s, and 360 reviews.

To learn more about 15Five, please connect with your Account Executive or email us at

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COVID-19 Resources

If you are an Archbright member, please login and visit our COVID-19 Resources page under Member Home.

Eligible members are also encouraged to call the HR and Safety Hotlines with any additional questions.

Non-Members, just complete this form to access our COVID-19 Resources.

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If you have not qualified for a retrospective rating program (retro) in Washington State, or aren’t served by a high-performing retro group, you have missed out on the opportunity to earn refunds and offset your workers’ compensation costs year after year. Until now.

We are pleased to introduce our new program, Archbright ReClaim, designed to help members lower their workers’ compensation premiums through effective claims management and proven safety practices. And each year, the best performing participants receive a portion or full service fee refund (and potentially an additional bonus!) as a reward for reducing claims costs.

Best of all, any company can qualify for Archbright ReClaim regardless of industry, premium size, or past performance.

Our new ebook is now available!

From the HR Hotline: 8 Questions on Safe Remote Working

From liability to drug/alcohol usage concerns to remote workstations, our HR and Safety Hotlines help members navigate safe remote working.

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Thank you to our incredible team for continuing to make Archbright one of Washington’s Best Workplaces. And congratulations to our members who made the list, too!

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Archbright Blog

Our courses are designed to close critical skills gaps, develop workplace leaders, and make a lasting impact on you and your organization.

How We Can Help

We understand companies come in all sizes, across all industries, and as a result, need varying levels of HR support. With three different levels of membership, you can more closely align Archbright’s core services with your company’s needs. Below are some of the benefits most valued by our members.
Employee Handbook Review

Silver and Gold members receive an employee handbook review by an HR Advisor and an Archbright attorney.

Safety & HR Hotlines

Receive unlimited support for any HR and safety advice you need, when you need it. Contact us by phone or email with your questions.

Resource Library

Our Resource Library is a rich knowledge base of hundreds of documents including policies, forms, templates, letters, and guidance.

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Employment Law Advice

Silver and Gold members receive employment law advice and counsel from our legal team.

Pay & Benefit Surveys

We are uniquely positioned in the market to gather pay data from small and medium sized companies across core Pacific Northwest industries.

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Regional Pay Survey

One of the largest and most comprehensive pay surveys for the Pacific Northwest. It's a benchmark of wage, salaries, and bonus data on non-exempt, exempt, and executive level positions.

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Regional Benefits Survey

Reporting practices related to benefits in the region including: holidays, time-off, general compensation trends, health & welfare benefits, and more.

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National Business Trends

National insights and trends for business outlooks, business investment plans, staffing levels, hiring plans, job creation, pay strategies, and business challenges.

"They treat their members very, very well. They check with each other to provide the best answers when you have a difficult question. You’re not going to get that richness from a series of individual specialists."
- Current Archbright Member

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